Dimmitt Automotive Group Raises Money For Southeastern Guide Dogs

A few weeks ago, Dimmitt Automotive Group hosted the monthly Cars & Coffee Afterparty at our Luxury & Exotic Pre-Owned Cars building on Gandy Blvd. Cars & Coffee Afterparty is a monthly car show that follows DuPont Registry Cars & Coffee. Typically, over 100 cars attend — everything from vintage American classics to new exotics. A Marine and his guide dog chatted with guests about his life changing experience while serving our Great Nation. The Southeastern Guide Dogs changed his life and allowed him to live a more normal life. Dimmitt Automotive Group raffled a mini McLaren model, two eye glasses that were donated from a local eye doctor, shirts, hats and more. All proceeds from the raffle items went to Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Dimmitt Automotive Group would like to thank Southeastern Guide Dogs for changing many lives in our community. We encourage everyone to visit their website and support this great organization: www.guidedogs.org


McLaren Tampa Bay Supports Sarasota Caffeine & Gasoline Car Show

IMG_1035This past weekend, McLaren Tampa Bay showcased the 570S at SRQ Caffeine and Gasoline at Phillippi Estate Park in Sarasota, Florida. SRQ Caffeine and Gasoline is a monthly car show that features everything from classic cars to the newest exotic cars. McLaren Tampa Bay showcased the McLaren 570S along side several other privately owned McLaren’s. Corsa America Rally owner and several members made an appearance along with several Ferrari Club members.

Thank you to everyone who attended the SRQ Caffeine and Gasoline car show. We enjoyed making new friends and showing the 570S.

For more information on the 570S, please visit our website: www.tampabay.mclaren.com

RSVP For Dimmitt Cars & Coffee Afterparty

Next Saturday, Dimmitt Automotive Group will host the monthly Cars & Coffee Afterparty in St. Petersburg, Florida. Guests are invited to the Aston Martin and ultra-luxury pre-owned showroom at 8:30 am, immediately after the monthly duPont REGISTRY Cars & Coffee event.

At our last month’s Afterparty, guests and their families enjoyed a light breakfast while they learned about some unique animals from the Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo. Shirts and other items were raffled off to raise money for the zoo. Overall, $270 was raised and the Dimmitt Family matched this amount, bringing the grand total to $540.

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The Dimmitt Automotive Group would like to thank Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo for bringing a few animals to the July Cars & Coffee Afterparty. Please visit their website for more information.

We also encourage everyone to attend the August 15th Cars & Coffee Afterparty and join the Tampa Aquarium will have some aquatic creatures on display.

To RSVP for the next event, click here.