Dimmitt Sponsors The 2016 UIPM World Cup Final in Sarasota

IMG_9361This past weekend, Dimmitt Automotive Group sponsored The 2016 UIPM World Cup Final in Sarasota, Florida. Athletes traveled from all over the world to compete in the Pentathlon which serves as the precursor to the Olympic games. Dimmitt Automotive Group proudly supports the athletes and the Modern Pentathlon.

The Modern Pentathlon consists of five disciplines. The disciplines reflect the tests which a courier might have encountered in carrying out his duties: fighting off enemy assailants (fencing and shooting), navigating a river (swimming), overcoming a number of land-based obstacles on an unfamiliar horse (equine jumping), and traveling a significant distance on foot (running). These five events capture the essence of the human experience – pushing mind, body, and spirit to produce an unforgettable display of skill, endurance, and athleticism.

Dimmitt Automotive Group would like to thank all those involved with the 2016 UIPM World Cup Final for the opportunity to participate. Please visit www.sbpentathlon.com for more information.


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