Aspire Autosport’s Aston Martin – For Sale!

The Aspire Autosport’s Aston Martin V8 Vantage is now for sale. Aspire Autosports customized this Aston Martin for use in car shows. This particular Aston has also been showcased in the Aspire Autosport’s showroom at Dimmitt Cadillac in Clearwater.

The custom carbon fiber wing is specially fitted for this V8 Vantage. The roof is wrapped in carbon fiber as well as the mirrors and part of the headlights. The side of the car is also wrapped in some racing stripes and lines that accent the large rear wheel arches.

Aspire Autosports is a division of the Dimmitt Automotive Group. Aspire Autosports specializes in car modifications, tinting, rims, radar and other accessories. We encourage you to receive a free quote from Chet who can be reached at 855.361.2581 or visit


For additional information on this Aston, please click here.


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