Turning Dreams into Reality


Life can change in a matter of seconds. Meet our friend Ian from Tarpon Springs, Florida. Ian suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in an ATV accident. After spending 22 days in a coma, his family was told he was not going to survive his injuries. Ian was determined to prove the doctors wrong.

After 7 months in different hospitals and 10 surgeries, Ian began to regain his senses. He had to relearn the most common tasks such as breathing, drinking, and talking. His recovery has been nothing short of remarkable thanks to his strength and his parents and doctors support.

When his mother emailed us explaining that Ian’s dream was to sit in a McLaren, we invited him and his family to our Pinellas Park Showroom. Our associates welcomed Ian and his family with open arms and provided him with a truly memorable day. Our McLaren sales manager, Matthew Jones, took Ian for a ride in a 12C [see photo above]. Ian’s dream had been turned into reality and the smile on his face only proved that!!

From all of us at Dimmitt Automotive Group, we wish Ian the best in his road to recovery and healing. Come see us again soon!