Welcoming Home the Honor Flight

Welcoming Home the Honor Flight

“From babies to baby boomers, from bikers to business professionals, they were all there on Tuesday April 16th, 2013 to welcome home the Honor Flight carrying our World War II heroes from Washington, D.C. There were balloons, flags, color guards, bagpipes, plenty of applause and cheering when the honorees and their guides made their way through the terminal lined with admirers and well-wishers.

Many of these men and women who defended our freedom were in wheelchairs as family and friends reached out to shake their hands, thank them for their service to our country, and embrace them with a pride that brought both a smile to their face as well as a tear to their eye. You could see the impact that the homecoming had upon the greeters as well. Many, including me, couldn’t hold back the tears of joy for those who so deserved this wonderful reception.

You could almost feel the sense of patriotism in the air as each person passed by us on their way to receive a commemorative medal as a remembrance of their journey.Each veteran had a guide for the day that could have been a family member-or a complete stranger. To accompany one of these soldiers on a trip to Washington would be a privilege by anyone’s standards.

In an era when bombings, political unrest, and threats from our enemies seem to blanket the evening news coverage, being a part of the Honor Flight in some small way was an experience that I will never forget, and one that I will vigorously recommend to all of my colleagues and friends.”

-Tom McQueen, DAG Brand Development Executive

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