DAG Employees Show Overwhelming Support to the “Sunshine Fund”

sun in hands

We understand that bad things can unexpectedly happen to good people.  Whether there is a medical emergency, a spouse who temporarily loses employment or a child with immediate special needs, we want to be able to help our associates with these financial burdens.  To do this, we here at Dimmitt have proudly opened up a “Sunshine Fund”.  This fund is supported entirely by the donations of our caring associates on a completely voluntary basis, and is used to support fellow employees through financial hardships brought on by unanticipated events.  We believe that our Sunshine Fund is just another step we have taken to support our mission which states, in part, that we will “improve the quality of life of our associates”.    We thank everyone who has taken the first step and offered to donate to such a compassionate cause.

So far, the support for The Sunshine Fund within DAG has been phenomenal. Seeing our employees take the extra step to help one another is something we believe reflects our identity as a business. We’re proud of our team!