Dimmitt Participates In 1st Annual Abe Brown Legacy Golf Tournament

On Saturday, July 28th, 2012, Dimmitt Automotive Group took part in the 1st Annual Abe Brown Legacy Golf Tournament, hosted by former Tampa Bay Buccaneer and Indianapolis Colt Anthony McFarland at Innisbrook Copperhead Golf Course.  Dimmitt took part as the hole-in-one sponsor.

From left to right: Derrick Brooks, Kerven Dennis, Anthony McFarland, Tracey Ringstaff, Naaman Johnson Jr., Althea Morgan

For over 35 years, Abe Brown Ministries has been developing programs to enable people at risk, their spouses, and their children to achieve productive and spiritually fulfilling lives. They believe that people must be changed from the inside out becoming liberated from spiritual incarceration. When the individuals comprising the community and state are transformed, the community and state collectively will be transformed. Ultimately all residents, businesses, and others benefit from a safe, secure, and productive society.