Cadillac beats out BMW as most desired auto brand in the U.S.

Cadillac has beat out BMW to become the most-desired automotive brand in the United States by men, according to results of a market research test by Buyology Inc.

“This year’s brand ranking demonstrates that it’s essential for companies to invest in creating deeper differentiated relationships with their consumers. These relationships provide the context that either amplifies or diminishes everything the brand does to connect with its customers,” said Gary Singer, Founding Partner and CEO, Buyology Inc. “Buyology’s neuro-insight tools provide rigorous analytic measurement of these deeper, previously unmeasured, connections to provide unique insight to brands and a roadmap for how to strengthen their relationships.”


Check out more news on the Cadillac ATS.

Lexus was the only other brand to make it on Buyology’s 2012 Most Desired Brands in the U.S. – it made it to No. 7 on the women’s list.


  1. Southwest Airlines
  2. Cadillac
  3. BMW
  4. Dove
  5. Bed Bath & Beyond (we’re not sure why).
  6. Apple
  7. Google
  8. Sharp
  9. GE
  10. Macy’s

– By: Omar Rana

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